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Break Up Outlook Archive

Is outsized PST file causing a trouble than simply opt for Outlook PST file breaker
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Break Up Outlook Archive
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22 May 2012

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The PST file growing big and causing problems is well known. This is a tool that helps break up PST files to manageable sizes.

As the PST file grows large, Outlook suffers performance problems. Particularly as it grows to the 2 GB limit, it really gets temperamental. Performance gets to be slow and sometimes corruptions happen. The exact solution is to break up Outlook archive file. This service is available from this tool. To eliminate this problem this Outlook PST file breaker will help break up Outlook Archive file. These smaller pieces are then handled easily. Splitting could be done through several splitting options. These include by size, by date, by year and by folder. You are required to set up a range by one of these methods and then ask the tool to break up the PST file.

The interface is well laid out. Controls are easily accessible. The interface is simple and intuitive. Most users will be able to figure out how to use it in very quick time. PST file can be chosen through the integrated explorer like interface. Next you need to choose the version of Outlook (2000 and 2002 versions and later ones), choose the mode and then start the splitting operation. A progress bar is useful as the time taken for the process could be significant. It would be good to know the program is not hanging up.

Publisher's description

The exact solution is right here to break up Outlook archive file and is provided by the best performing Outlook PST file breaker tool. Large Outlook PST file sometimes might cause a trouble and further causing slow processing of Outlook. To eliminate this problem use Outlook PST file breaker that can effectively break up Outlook Archive file.
Break up Outlook archive file by multiple split option like split PST by size, by date, by year and by folder. User is just need to set particular range acc to which need to break up Outlook Archive file.

User can also download free trial version of Outlook PST file breaker to evaluate the product functions, free version break up 15 items. Later buy the full version only at $99 and break up outlook Archive unlimited.
Break Up Outlook Archive
Break Up Outlook Archive
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